Do you want to volunteer at our thoroughbred horse sanctuary? We provide equine management courses for those interested in helping out at Unbridled Spirits Thoroughbred Retirement Ranch, Inc. These classes are also available for anybody interested, regardless of whether they want to volunteer.

Courses consist of a five-week program, with meetings twice a week. Students will learn about:

  • Horse care
  • Parts of a horse's body
  • Grooming
  • Horse health and medical practices
  • Common horse illnesses and proper medication
  • Leading and riding
  • Horsemanship
  • Different equine sports

Contact us today to sign up for one of our equine management courses in Geneseo, IL.

Decide whether our equine management courses are right for you

Curious about how to take care of a horse? We can teach you. Our equine management courses educate horse lovers and potential volunteers about the best way to handle, feed and care for horses.

Each level of these courses is designed to further your equine education. You'll have to pass a test to reach the next level. You can also test out of various levels if you have prior knowledge about horse care.

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