Want to come and meet our retired racehorses? We'll let you know who's staying here at Unbridled Spirits Thoroughbred Retirement Ranch, Inc. Many racing stars come here to spend their non-racing years in peace and comfort.

In addition to racing horses, we also have standard-bred horses and other animals. You'll get to make plenty of new animal friends on our ranch.

Contact us today to learn more about our retired racehorses in Geneseo, IL. 319-471-3545

Explore our ranch and meet our horses

When horses go into equine retirement, other facilities often still keep them on a track. We're different. At our retirement ranch, horses can run free across our 100-acre property.

We have:

  • Thoroughbred horses
  • Standard-bred horses
  • Quarter horses
  • Appaloosa horses
  • Donkeys

These animals are done racing and no longer being used for breeding. They come here for care and respect in their final years.

Call now to ask about the equine retirement process in Geneseo, IL.